About Us

Hi I'm Emily!  Welcome to Zelle.

I started making baby girl clothes and accessories before I was pregnant with my first (he's now 4!). To be truly honest, I was very sad when I found out that my first baby was going to be a boy! I was so excited to have a girl to dress up, but eventually I came around to the idea of having a boy and I do love him so dearly! And yes, I did dress him up in my handmade girl clothes and accessories on occasion 🙈
My passion for sewing and creating was put on hold as my husband, son, and I lived in 12 different countries in 12 months. A few months after returning to the US at the completion this trip, we found out we were expecting and I was so so SO excited to find out it was going to be a GIRL! 
Long story short, my passion for sewing and creating resurfaced and my baby girl (now 21 months!) has been wearing many of my handmade items since birth 💕 I'm so excited to finally be sharing some of these items with you!
All items here at Zelle are handmade by me in my home.  Want to know something cool about my home??  I live in a bus!  In 2015 my husband and I renovated a city transit bus into a tiny home on wheels and have enjoyed traveling all over the western US with our two children (soon to be 3!).  If you'd like to see more of our tiny home on wheels you can check out my personal Instagram account @familyonabus or our BLOG.


**Current turn around time for making all items is 2-3 weeks